1-ON-1 Elite Endurance Coaching For Driven Individuals:

Join hundreds of elite athletes that've gotten in the best shape of their lives with Coach Matt's personalised endurance coaching

Get in IRONMAN marathon-shape in 6 months or less, even if you've never done an endurance event before.


1-ON-1 Elite Endurance Coaching For Driven Individuals:

Join hundreds of elite athletes that've gotten in the best shape of their lives with Coach Matt's personalized endurance coaching

Get in IRONMAN marathon-shape in 6 months or less, even if you've never done an endurance event before.


How Will Matt's Coaching Help Me?

My Elite Endurance Coaching is designed to help every athlete, new or experienced, find a simpler path to training for their endurance events.

It’s the system I used to help me get in Ironman-ready shape in 4 months time…

WITHOUT spending hours at the gym, overworking myself until I collapse, or starving myself on fad diets…

And WITHOUT any experience training for one before.

So, how does it work?

My coaching simplifies training, nutrition, progress tracking, and body analysis into an easy-to-follow roadmap that requires only one thing: Commitment.

Even if you’ve never set foot in a gym before, my coaching philosophy is grounded in making progress happen consistently and quickly so you can start traveling around the world, meeting amazing people, and conquering the world’s toughest challenges on a regular basis.

Matt Davies of Astute Fitness Cycling Endurance Training

24/7 Motivation And Accountability At Your Fingertips.

Let's take a look at what you get after you join the Astute Elite Endurance Team:

  • Full scale mindset training and life coaching
  • Expertly crafted workouts customized to your unique body and fitness level
  • 24/7 direct contact with me, Coach Matt for on-the-spot advice 
  • Bespoke meal guides and nutrition coaching 
  • Weekly check-ins for adjustments and progress analysis
  • Quarterly analysis for maintaining the perfect training regime
  • Race planning and scheduling for seamless preparation
  • Goal setting and tracking 
  • Access to my Training Peaks App AND TriDot App for pinpoint accurate postural analysis, form correction, and training feedback
  • Equipment briefing for training/race preparation 
  • Community access to other Elite Endurance Members
  • Regular accountability and motivation

There's not a single other coaching program out there that will get you in triathlon-ready shape in 6 months or less.

Let's go beyond your limits and unlock your greatness together. 

Matt Davies IRONMAN Certified Coach and Personal Trainer

Astute Fitness Loves Progress!

Astute Fitness testimonial that reads, I first used Matt to coach me through my first marathon, and have used him numerous times since. His knowledge, patience and guidance have been invaluable. The strength sessions, the guidance on when I can push versus when I need to hold back and the advice on nutrition during training and for race strategy have all been invaluable.    I would only ever use Matt at Astute Fitness in the future, and highly recommend him to anyone taking on a big endurance challenge.
Astute Fitness testimonial that reads, Joining Matt’s Personal 1-2-1 training programme was a game-changer for me. He’s an empathetic coach who truly grasped my challenges. He tailored workouts to fit effortlessly into my life, even with my baby. He also created a nutrition plan customised to my needs. My eating habits have been reset, and I feel healthier than ever.   I saw tremendous improvements within just a month, elevating my fitness level for my event. As such, I continued my fitness journey with Matt.
Astute Fitness Testimonial that reads, Embarking on Astute Fitness’s 12-week 1-2-1 Personal Training Programme was pivotal in my transformation. I stuck to the bespoke nutrition and exercise plan by Matt, which has completely changed my lifestyle and mindset.   I’ve dropped an impressive 15kg, going from 97kg to 82kg, and I feel incredible. Without Matt’s structured guidance, this transformation would have been unattainable.   I’m convinced these new habits are here to stay. I’m now ready to start training for my first event.
Astute Fitness Testimonial that reads, Embarking on Matt’s online 1-2-1 coaching plan was the best decision I’ve made. Over six months, the transformation was beyond anything I expected. The sessions were diverse which helped me keep momentum, and combined with his guidance on nutrition, it’s changed the way I train for ever.   Matt planned my training to fit into my daily life, and his genuine passion is a driving force, supporting me throughout. Try it, it’s been a revelation for me!
Astute fitness testimonial that reads, 1-2-1 coaching journey accomplished! A heartfelt thank you to Matt at Astute for crafting a tailor-made training plan.   This was my first encounter with 1-2-1 coaching, and I was utterly lost without a structured plan to adhere to.   The specialised strength sessions, the ingenious idea of active recovery, and the invaluable nutrition advice along the way were all game-changers. I will certainly be seeking Matt’s expertise again.
Astute Fitness testimonial that reads, The 2 biggest challenges I have when it comes to training are; technique and motivation.  What I like about Matt is that I can train on my own time, and he checks in to make sure I’m going in the right direction.  I was a bit sceptical about taking an online 1-2-1 coaching package, but it works perfectly allowing me train on my time and have a coach to guide me. As Matt says, I’m now training smarter, not harder.
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 Let's Get Started On Your Journey To Peak Performance

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No later than 24 hours, you'll receive an email with a link to schedule a call with me to confirm your slot in my program. 

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This is a premium service and I can only take on a certain number of people at a time to coach.

Slots that are open now may not be open next week, so I only take on serious athletes ready to change their lives.

 If that's not you, please check out my other programs that are less limited on space. 

I'd love to have you become part of the Astute Fitness Team either way.

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