Taking the guesswork out of training for Marathons, Triathlons, IRONMAN and Ultra Marathons.

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Training for your next Endurance event?

Congratulations on deciding to enter your next (or first) Endurance Event.

Training for Marathons, Triathlons, IRONMAN and Ultra Marathons is no small undertaking and it takes total commitment to make it across that finish line.

Most endurance athletes are competing against themselves. Each and every event, we want to go one better than last time.

But it’s not just a case of pushing yourself harder each time you train. There’s a formula to becoming the best you possibly can be, regardless of your age or current fitness…

It’s Time To Train Smarter
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You've found the place to dig deep, train smart and achieve the results you want in your Endurance Event.

The challenges of training alone

Not knowing how to train properly is the biggest block for Endurance Athletes looking to perform at their best.

It’s not just a case of training as hard and as fast as you can, you need to know exactly how to pace yourself for every discipline.

Otherwise without a clear plan all of that hard work can end up being for nothing on the day. And nobody wants that!

Experienced Athletes know exactly what they have to work on to improve, even when they’re training alone.

Another important ingredient to success is consistency.

When there’s nobody there to hold you accountable, it’s easy to fall behind. When you're limited on time, don’t waste it training the wrong way.

That’s why I’ve developed my online training plans to help Endurance Athletes like you take the guess work out of training.

I'm right there with you for every mile.

My courses are backed up by my support and regular accountability check-ins, so you have everything you need to smash those personal goals.

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IRONMAN Certified Coach and personal trainer of Endurance Athletes.

When I first started training for endurance events, I struggled to find the balance and consistency needed to be at my best. No matter how hard I pushed I couldn’t seem to improve.

It wasn’t until I became an IRONMAN Certified Coach that I realised I’d been training harder but not smarter.

Endurance events are very tactical when it comes to training, so you need a clear plan in order to be successful.

My online plans take the guess work out of training for Marathons, Triathlons, IRONMAN and Ultra Marathons.

Matt Davies IRONMAN Certified Coach and Personal Trainer

"Half-Marathon DONE! Thanks so much Matt for the training plan. This was my first Half-Marathon and I simply didn’t know where to start without the structure and plan to follow. The running specific Strength sessions, the active recovery idea and the hints and tips about nutrition along the way were all so valuable. "

Anna Robbins

"Matt's advice helped me develop a new mindset and positive habits in my training. I feel amazing and couldn’t have done it without his structured guidance."

Tony Stabler


I'm putting the finishing touches to my Online Training Plans which will be available soon.

In the meantime, why not download my Top 10 Tips for Training for Your Endurance Event - see below...


Matt Davies of Astute Fitness Endurance Training



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