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Astute Fitness is more than a fitness coach. It’s the playbook, the team, and the success all in one place.

Expert guidance — Take “I don’t know” out of the equation with experienced coaching, integrated AI, and personalized training.

Smarter fitness — Learn to train mindfully and avoid burn out, reduce injury risk, and accelerate your results.

Quality over quantity — Combine highly strategic workouts including strength training, metabolic conditioning, and mobility into explosive, time-efficient sessions.

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The Challenges Of Training Alone


Training alone is the biggest hurdle for most people, experienced or new.

Not knowing what to focus on, inconsistency, improper form, not tracking progress…

These are just SOME of the challenges that come when you don’t have an experienced coach by your side.

But what really makes Astute Fitness the right fit for you?

We make you top priority. Always. 

And with the power of the Astute Mentality, you’ll have every tool you need to make consistent progress towards your goals.

No guesswork. No overtraining. Just wins.

Matt Davies running in IRONMAN competition

My Programmes

For driven professionals looking to sustain accelerated progress. Ongoing, comprehensive fitness coaching and programming with access to an entire community of people to learn from and grow with.

I Want To Know More

For those ready to conquer extreme endurance challenges and obliterate perceived limitations. Unparalleled 1-on-1 guidance and support directly from the Astute Fitness founder, Matt.

I Want To Know More


I’m a Certified IRONMAN Coach and Personal Trainer with over a decade of experience helping people achieve their fitness goals.

When I first started training, I struggled to find the balance and consistency needed to be at my best. No matter how hard I pushed I couldn’t seem to improve.

It wasn’t until I became an IRONMAN Certified Coach that I realized I’d been training harder but not smarter.

Whether you’re training for endurance events or looking to start your fitness journey, my experience is strategically infused into my coaching.

I focus on training smarter, better, and more thorough — ensuring you reach your goals no matter how far they seem.

Matt Davies IRONMAN Certified Coach and Personal Trainer

"Half-Marathon DONE! Thanks so much Matt for the training plan. This was my first Half-Marathon and I simply didn’t know where to start without the structure and plan to follow. The running specific Strength sessions, the active recovery idea and the hints and tips about nutrition along the way were all so valuable. "

Anna Robbins

"Matt's advice helped me develop a new mindset and positive habits in my training. I feel amazing and couldn’t have done it without his structured guidance."

Tony Stabler

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