Become the Best Version of You

Health and Fitness Transformation for Overworked Executives




Become the Best Version of You

Health and Fitness Transformation for Overworked Executives

Fitter   •   Healthier   •   Happier

You were designed for more than just sitting at a desk

Life really is too short to feel unfit and unhappy...

But the work hours creep up, the motivation goes down. The trainers are left in the corner while the overpriced gym membership never gets used.

You give enough to your career, it shouldn't cost you your health and fitness as well.

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I know how you feel, because I was in the same place

My name is Matt and I'm a Personal Coach...

As you can see, a combination of bad habits and sedentary lifestyle crept up on me before one day I looked in the mirror and said “Enough!”

With my busy job, lifestyle and family, I didn’t make time to look after myself.

I’d promise myself everyday that I’d ‘start tomorrow’, but without the motivation to get started or keep going, days ran into weeks, months and years.

I knew I had to take control before it was too late…

By making consistent and simple lifestyle changes I turned things around and completely rebuilt my body and fitness to a new and improved version.

I'm fitter, healthier and happier than I have been in years.

As a Personal Coach I can guide you to fitness, health and happiness no matter what level you're at.

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Join the others who I've coached back to health and fitness levels that have given them a new lease of life.

Real people, real results

Sam Jackson

I signed up for Matts 30 day blast program hoping to maximize results. The home workouts were really easy to fit around the routine with the baby and made it really convenient. By the end of January I had noticed great results. Not only had I lost those last few pounds, but I felt fitter and healthier & my eating habits were back on track! I was so pleased with the results I decided to continue training with Matt. 

Tony Stabler

I followed the Astute Fitness 12 week ‘Fit AF’ Body Transformation Plan and have continued with the nutrition and exercise plan since. The advice helped me develop a new mindset and positive habits and I’ve dropped from 97kg to 82kg. I feel amazing and couldn’t have done this without the structured guidance from Matt. I’m certain these life-changing habits will stick and I would recommend this plan to anyone!

Anna Robbins

Half-Marathon DONE! Thanks so much to Matt for the training plan. This was my first Half-Marathon and I simply didn’t know where to start without the structure and plan to follow. The running specific Strength sessions, the active recovery idea and the hints and tips about nutrition along the way were all so valuable. I will certainly be using Matt again.

Astute Online Coaching Plans from £49.50

The Covid Pandemic has changed the health and fitness landscape...

Our routines have been turned upside down, gyms are closing, we’re restricted on where we can go outside and we’re spending more time than ever sitting at our desks.

This is why my Astute Online Coaching Plans are perfect for those who want to take this time to improve their health, fitness and happiness.

From nutrition to exercise, I’ll create a bespoke plan and guide you to success.

When the restrictions are lifted and we’re allowed ‘out’ again, imagine being in the best shape of your life to enjoy that freedom.

Don’t let these times be detrimental to your wellbeing.

And don’t be the one that’s 20lbs over weight and out of breath when you’re walking along the beach.

YOU can do this starting today and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

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